Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

iSCSI Can Connect Through an Undesired Interface on Reboot (18053874)

On an Oracle Solaris 11.2 system, iSCSI could connect through an undesired interface on reboot.

Workaround: To identify the undesired interface that is using static-config, type the following command and check the IP address (Local) value:

root@examplehost:~# iscsiadm list target -v
	Alias: -
	TPGT: 2
	ISID: 4000002a0003
	Connections: 1
		CID: 0
			IP address (Local): 
			IP address (Peer):
			Discovery Method: Static
			Login Parameters (Negotiated):
					Data Sequence In Order: yes
					Data PDU In Order: yes
					Default Time To Retain: 20
					Default Time To Wait: 2
					Error Recovery Level: 0
					First Burst Length: 65536
					Immediate Data: yes
					Initial Ready To Transfer (R2T): yes
					Max Burst Length: 262144
					Max Outstanding R2T: 1
					Max Receive Data Segment Length: 32768
					Max Connections: 32
					Header Digest: NONE
					Data Digest: NONE

Disable the iSCSI target discovery method and then enable it again.

# iscsiadm modify discovery -s disable
# iscsiadm modify discovery -s enable