Oracle® Solaris 11.2 Release Notes

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Updated: May 2015

SPARC: Creating a VNIC Fails If a Physical NIC Is Used as net-dev (19188703)

On SPARC systems, creating a VNIC fails if a physical NIC is specified as the net-dev parameter in the creation of a virtual switch.

The following error message is displayed:

HOST vsw: [ID XXXXXX kern.warning]
WARNING: vswX:vnic_create(ldoms-vswX.vportY failed. Err=2
DATE HOST vsw: [ID kern.warning]
WARNING: vswX: Unable @ DATE HOST to add new port (0xHHH), err=1

Workaround: Use the network vanity name (net0, net1, or net2) as the link name. For example, do not use the physical NIC name to create a virtual switch.

# ldm add-vsw net-dev=igb1 primary-vsw1 primary

Instead, use the network vanity name.

# ldm add-vsw net-dev=net1 primary-vsw1 primary

You can use the dladm show-phys command to find the network vanity names.

# dladm show-phys -P
net1     igb1       Ethernet     ------

In the example, net1 is the network vanity name.