8.2 How are Resources Locked During Jobs?

A single task can contain one or many individual jobs. When a job is in progress, the resources affected by the job are locked to all other Oracle VM Manager users until the job is completed or aborted.

The state of locked objects cannot be known until the locks are cleared. The state of Oracle VM Manager is always accurately reflected by the state of objects that are not locked.

A number of different users may perform jobs simultaneously, provided they are performed on different objects. For example, suppose User A has created a server pool, named 'Finance', and begins a job by moving Oracle VM Servers into this server pool. At the same time, User B modifies the resources of a server pool named 'Commodities'. Each user is able to see the different jobs in progress and would also see each other's objects as locked. The objects remain locked until the jobs are completed.

Prior to completing a job, a lock can be cleared in two ways:

  • By logging out the user who initiated the lock.

  • By direct action of an Oracle VM Manager user.

All locks are cleared when a job completes.