2.3.1 Oracle VM Manager Server and API

The Oracle VM Manager Server is a Java-based Oracle WebLogic 12c application that is usually installed on a dedicated system. On x86 platforms, Oracle VM Manager is installed on Oracle Linux.

Oracle VM Manager Server is sometimes referred to as the Oracle VM Manager core. It is used to provide a means to configure, monitor and manage the Oracle VM environment. It does this largely by communicating directly with the Oracle VM Agent on each Oracle VM Server in the environment. It also stores all configuration information and event data within the Oracle VM Manager database.

Oracle VM Manager Server provides an API that allows other components to interface with it. As of Oracle VM Release 3.3.1, this is entirely implemented as a Web Services API, providing both SOAP and REST interfaces to the Oracle VM Manager. The Oracle VM Manager Web Interface and Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface both make use of this API to interact directly with Oracle VM Manager.

The Web Services API exposed by Oracle VM Manager, makes it possible to programmatically set up and manage an Oracle VM environment. This API is introduced in considerable detail in the Oracle VM Web Services API Developer's Guide.