5.7.4 Logical Networks on a Single Oracle VM Server (Intra-Server)

You may also create a network which is intended for a single server. This type of network allows communication between the virtual machines running on a single Oracle VM Server, and does not allow external network traffic. A computing environment made up of several virtual machines, where the virtual machines provide services to each other over the network, could benefit from this type of network, without requiring additional network ports on the Oracle VM Server. As the network traffic can never leave the server, it can be a high speed network. Virtual machines using this type of network cannot be moved or migrated to another Oracle VM Server unless the network configuration is removed from the virtual machine. This is known as an Intra-Server network.

Little additional planning or preparation for Intra-Server networks is required, however if you use networks of this type, you should decide which Oracle VM Servers you intend to create them on and understand that the virtual machines running on these servers cannot be moved or migrated easily.