4.3 How is a Repository Created?

After you complete the storage preparation phase described in Discover File Server and Discover SAN Server in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide, Oracle VM Manager is fully aware of the underlying physical storage providers available for use as a storage repository. To create a storage repository, see Create New Repository in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.


A storage repository should be at least 10 GB in size. In addition to this minimum size requirement, you should include enough storage space for virtual machines, templates, ISO files and other virtual machine resources.

When the storage repository is created, Oracle VM Manager takes ownership of it, and the Oracle VM Servers you selected during the creating process have access to the repository in order to store virtual machines, ISO files, templates and so on. To modify which Oracle VM Servers have access to the storage repository, see Section 4.4, “How do Oracle VM Servers Access a Repository?”.