7.11 How Can I Protect Virtual Machines?

You can protect the resources on an Oracle VM Server by restricting whether new virtual machines can be created on it or migrated to it. By doing this, you can make sure the resources of an Oracle VM Server are available to the virtual machine(s) running on the server. You can set this up for an Oracle VM Server by using the inbound migration lock feature.

This feature overrides server pool policies and anti-affinity groups, and any of these other features or policies that can result in the migration of a virtual machine onto the Oracle VM Server. However, if you have HA configured for a server, this feature does not protect a server from inbound migrations when failover occurs.

This feature allows you to set whether to allow additional virtual machines to run on the Oracle VM Server, but does not prevent virtual machines running on the Oracle VM Server from being migrated to another Oracle VM Server.

For more information on using the inbound migration lock feature, see Edit Server in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.