6.13 What are Server Processor Compatibility Groups?

To ensure successful virtual machine live migration, Oracle VM Manager requires the processor family and model number of the source and destination computer to be the same. A server processor compatibility group is a group of Oracle VM Servers with compatible processors, where a running virtual machine on one Oracle VM Server can safely be migrated and continue to run on another Oracle VM Server. Although Oracle VM Manager contains rules for server processor compatibility, you can create custom compatibility groups to ensure the ability to do smooth migrations is improved. If live migration is attempted between incompatible processors, an error message is displayed.

All Oracle VM Servers are added to a default server processor compatibility group as they are discovered. A default server processor compatibility group is created when an Oracle VM Server is discovered if that Oracle VM Server has a processor that is new and unique to Oracle VM Manager.

Each server processor compatibility group may include Oracle VM Servers that are members of one or more server pools. An Oracle VM Server may be included in multiple server processor compatibility groups. You can create server processor compatibility groups and select which Oracle VM Servers to include according to your needs. There is no limit to the number of server processor compatibility groups you may have.

More information on configuring server processor compatibility groups is available in Server Processor Compatibility Perspective in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.