8.3 Are Failed Jobs Rolled Back?

Job operations are validated by Oracle VM Manager as they are added to the Jobs tab. The failure of any job operation causes the following to happen:

  • The failed job is cancelled.

  • Remaining jobs are attempted.

  • All locks in the operation are released.

In previous Oracle VM releases (prior to Release 3.3.x), any remaining jobs in a transaction were cancelled, and all jobs rolled back to a consistent state prior to performing the operation. From Release 3.3.x onwards, this does not occur. The current architecture (using the Web Services API) requires that you look through the job list to see which jobs failed, and which succeeded. When you find a failed job, attempt to remedy the error or fault, then retry the job. If the Oracle VM environment is left in an inconsistent state due to a failed job, then you must clean it up using the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface, or, if this cannot be done, using the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface.