4.8 How are ISO Files (CD/DVD Images) Managed?

Virtual machines have no access to the physical DVD or CD-ROM drive. You can assign virtual drives to virtual machines by offering ISO files containing the image of a DVD or CDROM. These image files can be found in the ISOs folder in a storage repository.

To be able to use an ISO file with your virtual machine you must first import the file into an appropriate storage repository, namely one that can be accessed by the server pool where the virtual machine is to be created. You import ISO files from a web server into Oracle VM Manager. If your storage repository uses file-based storage, you can make the repository available to multiple server pools, therefore making an ISO file available to multiple server pools. If you are using array-based storage, you can only make a repository available to a single server pool. Virtual machines can only access ISO files on repositories that have been assigned to the server pool to which they belong.

To import an ISO file, see Import ISO in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide. To create a virtual machine using an ISO file, see Create Virtual Machine in the Oracle VM Manager User's Guide.