4.5 What Virtual Machine Resources are in a Repository?

The types of virtual machine resources can be categorized as:

  • Virtual machine templates: Reusable virtual machine templates used to create multiple virtual machines.

  • Assemblies: Template containing a configuration of multiple virtual machines with their virtual disks and the inter connectivity between them.

  • ISO files: DVD/CD image files used to create virtual machines from scratch using the installation media.

  • Virtual disks: Virtual disks used by virtual machines to perform boot operations, to run the operating system, and to extend the storage capability of virtual machines.

  • Virtual machine files: Configuration files of your virtual machines.

Virtual machines can be created from different types of resources: either from a template or assembly containing preconfigured virtual machines, or from scratch using an ISO file (image) of an installation DVD. Booting a virtual machine via PXE, or network boot for a paravirtualized guest, is also possible.