Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Configuring Individual CMOS Settings

    biosconfig provides two commands to manage individual CMOS settings:

  • biosconfig -get_bios_settings

    Gets CMOS settings from the platform.

  • biosconfig -set_bios_settings

    Sets CMOS settings on the platform.

    To use these commands:

  1. Use -get_bios_settings filename.xml to generate an XML file that describes the current settings.

  2. Edit that XML file to change the settings.

  3. Use set_bios_settings filename.xml to apply the settings to CMOS.

You can provide a subset of the XML file to include only the settings that you want to change with the –get_bios_settings command. The XML file must be valid, so you must remove entire option sets from the XML file.

Note - Values for the settings vary depending on your server type. biosconfig reads the host's BIOS image and the platform's CMOS to find the setup questions (the strings displayed in BIOS setup), the optimal default values, the current settings, and the permitted settings. The XML file structure matches the menu hierarchy in BIOS setup.

The names in the output XML file match the names in the setup menus; the only difference is that the spaces are replaced with underscores (_). For example, the Quick Boot entry in the Boot Settings Configuration submenu in the Boot menu of BIOS setup is specified like this: