Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Export a RAID Volume Configuration

The export subcommand writes XML-formatted configuration or inventory data to a file. Inventory data is a snapshot of all the fields for the controllers, RAID volumes, and disks. Configuration data contains only attributes that can be set and imported onto another system to configure that system's RAID volumes in the same manner.

The export subcommand requires a file name as a modifier. If a file by that name exists, the tool prompts to overwrite the file (unless the –y option is used). If the hyphen (-) is given for the filename, then the XML-formatted configuration is written to the screen.

  • To export the inventory or a configuration and write it to a file, do one of the following:
    • To export the inventory data and write it to a file, type:

      raidconfig export inventory filename.xml

    • To export a configuration and write it to a file, type:

      raidconfig export config filename.xml

      This subcommand requires at least one of the types shown in the following table.

      Exports and writes all controller, RAID volume, and physical disk information to an XML file.
      Exports and writes only configuration fields that can be imported to another system to an XML file.