Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Restoring and Modifying Oracle ILOM XML Configuration Files

Starting with Hardware Management Pack 2.1, ilomconfig can generate a backup of an Oracle ILOM service processor's configuration to an XML file with the export config command. The create or modify subcommands can be used to create or modify XML files.

By default, ilomconfig commands are executed on the local Oracle ILOM service processor. When you use the –-xmlfile=config.xml option, the ilomconfig commands operate on the specified XML file.

The ilomconfig subcommands can modify already existing settings in the XML file or create new settings.

Note -  Ensure that when you create a new setting in an XML file, your target Oracle ILOM service processor supports the setting.

Oracle ILOM settings can be restored from an XML file starting with Oracle ILOM 3.0.12. Oracle ILOM settings that can be restored include:

  • SSH private keys

  • User SSH keys

  • SSL cert

  • COD license

  • LDAP and AD certificates

  • Platform binary data (currently limited to SPARC LDOMS config)

  • User passwords

  • SNMP users


  • Servicetag passphrase