Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

raidconfig Features

raidconfig allows you to explore, monitor, and configure storage resources connected to the system.

Note -  To use raidconfig on storage in a system, the controller that the storage is connected to must support RAID. For a list of supported controllers, see the support matrix at:

raidconfig provides the following functions:

  • Shows, creates, deletes, and modifies RAID volumes.

  • Facilitates scripting by using command-line options.

  • Configures many similar and dissimilar platforms in a data center.

  • Displays the current RAID configuration and writes it to an XML file so it can be edited and used to configure the same or a different platform.

  • Represents a logical disk in a portable manner.

    For example, using a unique enumeration per controller, instead of a SAS address, facilitates moving the XML file to other platforms.

  • Provides a super-set of all configuration options provided by the Adaptec and LSI CLI commands.

  • Uses capability checking for particular adapters based on data retrieved from the API.

  • Creates nested RAID volumes depending on the controller.