Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

List NVMe Controller Log Pages

There are three NVMe controller log pages as follows:

  • SMART/health information is gathered over the life of the controller and is retained across power cycles. It includes critical warnings about the controller and device status, such as temperature threshold, available spare, device life status, and various I/O statistics used for calculating I/O performance.

  • Error information is extended error information for commands. A number, which designates the error ID, must be specified with this command.

  • Vendor Log information is the vendor-specific NVMe log implementation. Use this log when working with Oracle Service to troubleshoot errors.

  • Do one of the following:
    • To list SMART/health information, type:

      nvmeadm getlog -h [controller_name]

    • To list error information, type:

      nvmeadm getlog -e error_id [controller_name]

    • To save vendor log information to a specified file name, type:

      nvmeadm getlog -s directory [controller_name]

    The following is an example for the nvmeadm getlog -h command:

    nvmeadm getlog -h SUNW-NVME-1

    SMART/Health Information:
            Critical Warning: 0
            Temperature: 300 Kelvin
            Available Spare: 100 percent
            Available Spare Threshold: 10 percent
            Percentage Used: 0 percent
            Data Unit Read: 0x746da4 of 512k bytes.
            Data Unit Written: 0x2d0 of 512k bytes.
            Number of Host Read Commands: 0xeacba
            Number of Host Write Commands: 0x27
            Controller Busy Time in Minutes: 0x0
            Number of Power Cycle: 0x10d
            Number of Power On Hours: 0x3c8
            Number of Unsafe Shutdown: 0xfa
            Number of Media Errors: 0x0
            Number of Error Info Log Entries: 0x0