Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

View Open Problems

The open_problems subsystem displays information about logged system events.

  • To view open server problems, type:

    hwmgmtcli list open_problems

    The following display shows sample output from this command:

    === open_problems report ===
    Open Problem 1
    Problem time        : Thu Feb 14 22:38:19 2013
    Problem subsystem   : System
    Problem location    : /SYS (Host System)
    Problem description : The top cover of server was opened while AC
    input was still applied to the power supplies. (Probability: 100, UUID:
    8bb87e70-d210-632b-d553-fc1450105bc4, Part Number: 31112054+1+1, Serial
    Number: 1242FML0UV, Reference Document:
    Open Problem 2
    Problem time        : Fri Feb 15 10:37:48 2013
    Problem subsystem   : Storage
    Problem location    : /SYS/DBP0/HDD2
    Problem description : The disk temperature has exceeded the critical
    limit. (Probability: 100, UUID: N/A, Part Number: H106030SDSUN300G, Serial
    Number: 001234NTR1KD        PWGTR1KD, Reference Document: N/A)