Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Display a Detailed Listing of a Device

  • To show a detailed listing of a device, type:

    raidconfig list device option devicename -v

    For example:

    raidconfig list disk -d=c0d0 -v

    Disk c0d0
    ID: c0d0
    Chassis: 0
    Slot: 0
    Node ID: PDS:5000cca0257dbac1
    Mapped to Host OS: true
    Device: 5000CCA0257DBAC0
    Disabled: false
    Type: sas
    Media: HDD
    Manufacturer: HITACHI
    Model: H106030SDSUN300G
    Size (GiB): 279
    Serial Number: 001214N74K2B        PQJ74K2B
    Current Task: none