Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Guidelines for Using the RAID Volume Size Option

Keep the following guidelines in mind when using the RAID volume –-subdisk-size:

  • The total sizes for the RAID volumes designated in the –-subdisk-size option cannot exceed the available size for any of the disks. The total size can be less than or equal to the disk size, but it cannot be larger.

  • You cannot create a RAID volume using a partial disk on a disk that is configured as part of a RAID volume. Once a disk has been included in a RAID volume, the disk is marked as "In Use" and cannot be used to create another RAID volume, even if just a part of the disk is used.

    For example, the following sequence of commands is not allowed:

    # raidconfig create raid --disk=c0d0,c0d2 --subdisk-size=50
    # raidconfig create raid --disk=c0d0,c0d2 --subdisk-size=100

    The second command results in an error.

  • When creating multiple RAID volumes at the same time using the –-subdisk-size option, all of the RAID volumes are configured with the same name if the –-name option is used.

    If this occurs, you can rename the volumes using the raidconfig modify command.

  • You can delete a RAID volume on a partial disk, but if the partial disk is used in another RAID volume, the disk will be marked as "In Use". You will not be able to create another RAID volume using that disk.