Oracle® Server CLI Tools for Oracle Solaris 11.2 User's Guide

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Updated: November 2015

Using fwupdate Automatic Mode

Automatic command-line mode uses an XML metadata file that is included in the platform firmware packages.

The following prerequisites must be met before using the fwupdate command in automatic mode:

  • You must have root permission to run fwupdate command.

  • An XML metadata file containing information on platform firmware must be available. Check the firmware release notes to see if this file is available.

  • For Oracle Solaris systems, after hot-plugging a device, run the devfsadm -C command to reenumerate all of the system device nodes before running the fwupdate command.

When a command fails, it returns one of several failure codes listed in fwupdate Error Codes.

Note -  Running the command without subcommands displays help.

Automatic fwupdate mode uses the following syntax:

fwupdate subcommand target —x filename.xml options

where target is the type of device that is being listed or updated, filename is the XML file that contains the firmware update metadata, and subcommand is one of the following.

Provides firmware information about a device or a file.
Updates a single component based on command-line directives.