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Writing Device Drivers for Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

SR-IOV Interfaces Summary

The following table lists the Oracle Solaris interfaces that are available to the SR-IOV drivers. The interfaces are called to obtain PF and VF parameters, to configure VFs, and to export the configuration parameters to any calling applications.

Note - All the interfaces listed in the table with the exception of pciv_send() are applicable only for PF drivers.
Table 23  Interfaces for SR-IOV Drivers
Interface Name
Used by PCI device drivers to get the name-value pair list of the currently configured parameters
Must be called by the device driver after they have obtained the device parameters by using the param handle. This call frees up the resources allocated by the pci_param_get() and pci_param_get_ioctl() interfaces.
Used by the SR-IOV device drivers to get the name-value pair list for the PF devices.
Used by the SR-IOV device drivers to get the name-value pair list for the VF devices.
A helper function to SR-IOV device drivers to extract the parameters for the PF and VF devices from the arg argument if the drivers implement the ioctl IOV_VALIDATE_PARAM.
Used by PF drivers to obtain VF configuration parameters and to configure their VFs.
Used to obtain the parameters for PF and VF from the list obtained from the pci_plist_get() and pci_plist_getvf() interfaces.
Used by the PF and VF drivers to transmit information.
Callback registration mechanism interfaces.

Driver Ioctls

The SR-IOV driver ioctls are used to identify the device–specific parameters that can be configured by the administrator and to validate a specific configuration before it is applied. The following ioctls and their data structures are defined.