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Writing Device Drivers for Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

Support for Queuing

For a definition of tagged queuing, refer to the SCSI-2 specification. To support tagged queuing, first check the scsi_options flag SCSI_OPTIONS_TAG to see whether tagged queuing is enabled globally. Next, check to see whether the target is a SCSI-2 device and whether the target has tagged queuing enabled. If these conditions are all true, attempt to enable tagged queuing by using scsi_ifsetcap(9F).

If tagged queuing fails, you can attempt to set untagged queuing. In this mode, you submit as many commands as you think necessary or optimal to the host adapter driver. Then the host adapter queues the commands to the target one command at a time, in contrast to tagged queuing. In tagged queuing, the host adapter submits as many commands as possible until the target indicates that the queue is full.