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Writing Device Drivers for Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

System Configuration Section

The [System_Configuration] section of the file is interpreted by the Oracle Solaris PCIe framework. Unrecognized keywords are flagged as errors. There is only one [System_Configuration] section in the entire file and it must reside at the beginning of the file.

The [System_Configuration] section is comprised of a series of subsections. Each subsection must have an unique text label, followed by a list of filters enclosed in double square brackets which matches the device(s) of interest. The content of each subsection is a list of actions that the framework will take against each matched device. For example:

     new_e1kg_driver [[id=0x8086,0x1000,,0x108e,]] [[classcode=0x020000]]

The filter within the double brackets matches all Intel devices with device ID 0x1000, a Sun subsystem vendor ID, and network controller class code in the system. Oracle Solaris sets the device's number of VFs to 4.

Note - Device path can be used in the filter to narrow the scope of the filter to a single device instance.