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Writing Device Drivers for Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: March 2019

pci.conf File

This section describes the pci.conf file, its uses, and the syntax.

pci.conf Description

    The pci.conf is introduced to save PCI configurations, such as Number of VFs (Virtual Functions) of a particular PF (Physical Function) on the system. This file has a few purposes:

  • To persist the PCI configuration, so VFs can be created automatically upon boot.

  • Since the configuration file is part of the boot_archive, VFs can be used during the boot.

This file is also used by non-IOV system configurations when VFs are used on bare-metal systems. Currently, it contains only VF-related configurations. In the future, more PCI bus specific configuration and even device specific workarounds may make their way to it. Number of VF configurations is saved in "[System_Configuration]" section, which looks like: