A shipping discount promotion discounts shipping on an order. You can create two types of shipping discounts:

Note: Shipping surcharges are not affected by shipping promotions and are added to the order total during checkout. See Manage Your Catalog and Configure Shipping for more information about shipping surcharges.

To create a new Get Shipping Discount or Spend Y Get Shipping Discount promotion:

  1. On the Marketing tab, click New Promotion and select either Get Shipping Discount or Spend Y Get Shipping Discount.

  2. Enter information about the promotion. See the table that follows this procedure for details about each field.

  3. Click Save.

  4. (Optional) To create a coupon code that customers must provide to redeem the promotion, see Add a coupon code to a promotion.

The following table describes the properties for a shipping discount promotion:



Display Name (required)

Short, descriptive name that identifies the promotion.


Promotion description. This does not appear on your site.

Minimum Spend (required)

The spend threshold if you are creating a Spend Y Get Shipping Discount promotion

Discount Type (required)

Select Amount Off, Percent, Fixed Price, or Free.

Discount Amount (required)

Enter the amount of the discount. If you selected Fixed Price, enter the shipping price to use.

Include Shipping Methods (required)

Shipping methods that qualify for the discount.

To select shipping methods, begin by typing or pasting some text in the Add Shipping Methods box.

Tip: You cannot select collections, only products. To discount all products in a collection, you must individually select each product.

Start Date / Time

Date and time the promotion is available.

End Date / Time

Date and time the promotion is no longer available.

Coupon Code

The code customers use to redeem a coupon for this promotion. Coupon codes are case-sensitive.

Note: You must save a new promotion before you can add a coupon code to it.

You cannot edit the code after you create it but you can delete it.

Coupon codes must be unique across all promotions, even those that are not enabled.

Priority (required)

The priority of the promotion. Promotions are applied in order of priority, with low priority numbers applied first. Oracle Commerce Cloud Service sorts the promotions by the value of this property.

A promotion’s priority is evaluated against other promotions of the same type. For example, item discounts are evaluated only against other item discounts, not against order discounts.

If an order qualifies for multiple promotion types, item discounts are applied first, followed by order discounts, then shipping discounts.


Specifies whether this promotion is available to be used with a qualifying order. This setting is turned on by default, but a promotion’s availability also depends on the start and end dates you set. If Enabled is turned off, the promotion cannot be used regardless of its start and end dates.

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