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Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Topic Set
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Installing the System

Preparing for Installation

Rackmounting the System

Cabling the System

Power On

Managing the System

Power Off


Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Overview


Replaceable Components

Hot-Swappable Components

Obtaining the Chassis Serial Number

Diagnosing System Faults

Choosing a Method for Diagnosing Faults

Diagnosing Faults With Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager Software

Diagnosing Faults With LEDs and Indicators

Troubleshooting Components

Preparing to Service the System

Safety Information

Service Preparation Reference

Powering the System Off

Performing an Antistatic Discharge

Positioning the Chassis

Accessing Internal Components

Replacing System Components

Component Overview

Customer-Replaceable and Field-Replaceable Components

Replacing Flash Modules

Remove a Flash Module

Install a Flash Module

Verify Flash Module Replacement

Replacing a Fan Module

Remove a Fan Module

Install a Fan Module

Verify Fan Module Replacement

Replacing a Power Supply

Remove a Power Supply

Install a Power Supply

Verify Power Supply Replacement

Replacing an Energy Storage Module

Remove an Energy Storage Module

Install an Energy Storage Module

Verify Energy Storage Module Replacement

Replacing Fan Boards

Remove a Fan Board

Install a Fan Board

Verify Fan Board Replacement

Replacing the Motherboard Assembly

Remove the Motherboard Assembly

Install the Motherboard Assembly

Verify Motherboard Replacement

Replacing a Power Distribution Board

Remove a Power Distribution Board

Install a Power Distribution Board

Verify Power Distribution Board Replacement

Replacing the Connector Board Assembly

Remove the Connector Board Assembly

Install a Connector Board Assembly

Verify Connector Board Replacement

Replacing the Energy Storage Backplane

Remove the Energy Storage Backplane

Install the Energy Storage Backplane

Verify Energy Storage Backplane Replacement

Returning the System to Service

Replace the Top Chassis Cover

Install the Chassis to Maintenance Position

Return the System to the Fully Installed Position

Install AC Power Cord Retention Clips

Power On the System


Remove the Motherboard Assembly


Caution - Some components on the motherboard might be hot. Use caution when handling the motherboard and adjacent components.

Note - The system must be completely powered down before this component is replaced. This component must be replaced only by qualified service technicians. Contact your Sun Service representative for assistance.

  1. Power off the system.

    Refer to Completely Power Off the System.

  2. Attach an antistatic wrist strap and prepare an antistatic surface.

    Refer to Perform Static Discharge Procedures.

  3. Remove the system from the rack and place it on an antistatic mat.

    This task involves removing all cables, moving the rack into maintenance position, and then removing the chassis from the rack. Refer to Remove the Chassis From the Rack.

  4. Remove the top chassis cover.

    Refer to Access Internal Components.

  5. Release the latches on either end of the motherboard-to-PDB cable as shown in panel 1 and disconnect the cable as shown in panel 2 of Disconnecting the Motherboard-to-PDB Cable.

    Figure 31 Disconnecting the Motherboard-to-PDB Cable

  6. If you are replacing the motherboard, remove all Flash Modules (FMods) and place them on an antistatic mat, otherwise, leave the FMods installed on the board.

    If you remove the FMods from the board, note the memory configuration so that you can reinstall the FMods in the same configuration on the new motherboard.

  7. Remove two cables from the backplane as shown in Removing Cables From the Backplane.

    Figure 32 Removing Cables From the Backplane

  8. Using a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws that secure the motherboard assembly to the bus bar as shown in panel 1 of Removing a Motherboard Assembly .

    Note - Set the four screws aside. You must use these screws to attach the motherboard to the bus bar during installation.

  9. Loosen the green captive screw that secures the motherboard to the chassis as shown in panel 1 of Removing a Motherboard Assembly .

    The captive screw is located to the left of the bus bar screws.

  10. Using the green handle, slide the motherboard toward the rear of the system and lift it out of the chassis as shown in panels 2 and 3 of Removing a Motherboard Assembly .

    Note - When removing the motherboard, be aware of the clearance to the side of the array to avoid hitting the motherboard against it.


    Caution - If you are removing the motherboard to access other components and will return it to the system, place it on an antistatic mat after you remove it.

    Figure 33 Removing a Motherboard Assembly

  11. Remove eight energy storage module power cables from the motherboard as shown in Removing the ESM Power Cables, noting their positions, and place them on an antistatic mat.

    Note - The ESM cables fit firmly on their receptacles and, as such, can be somewhat difficult to remove. Use care when removing these cables to avoid damaging the motherboard.

    Figure 34 Removing the ESM Power Cables