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Oracle® X7 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2019

Oracle ILOM Tasks

The following table lists many of the tasks you can perform using the Oracle ILOM web or command-line interface.

Web Navigation
CLI Hierarchy
System Information
Review information about the server, including the serial number and BIOS version.
View the overall health of the server and see a total problem count, or view subcomponent health and inventory details.
Remote Control
Configure and launch a remote console session.
Redirect storage devices.
Host Management
/HOST boot_device
Run diagnostics on the server.
Set the next boot device or control the server power state.
System Management
View BIOS settings.
Backup or restore a BIOS configuration.
Configure system policies such as the Enhanced PCIe Cooling Mode policy.
Power Management
View actual system power consumption.
View system power requirements for capacity planning.
View historical power usage data.
ILOM Administration
/SP system_identifier
Configure system identification information.
View system event and audit logs.
Configure remote management access to the server; configure Oracle ILOM user accounts.
Configure service processor connectivity settings.
Back up or restore a service processor configuration.
Reset the service processor to default settings.
Configure alert notifications for system events and faults.
Set the service processor clock.
Reset the service processor.
Take a snapshot of the service processor for troubleshooting purposes.