A SQL profile repository, like all SQL repositories, can maintain repository items in item caches. For most ATG environments, it is strongly recommended that you do not use locked caching for the user item in the profile repository. By default, the user items in both the ProfileAdapterRepository and the InternalProfileRepository are configured to use simple cache mode. Caching is disabled for the Password property in both repositories. For more information on cache modes, see the SQL Repository Caching chapter in the ATG Repository Guide.

Note: Changes made to an external profile through the production site may not appear immediately in the profile UI in the ATG Business Control Center. For example, a customer could change his address through a form on your Web site, and the new address would not appear immediately to an internal user viewing the same profile through the ATG Business Control Center. The reverse is also true. The delay occurs because of profile repository item caching – until the item cache expires on the server where the changes were not made, the changes do not appear on that server. To minimize this problem, you can set the item-expire-timeout attribute for the user item descriptor to force the cache to expire after a short time. For more information, refer to the ATG Repository Guide.

If necessary, you can also use the ATG Dynamo Admin UI to flush the item cache.

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