When you create scenarios in the ACC, the system writes the scenarios out to definition files in the scenario registry, which exists on the process editor server. The definition files are in XML format and have the extension .sdl. The process editor server reads these scenario definitions at startup and whenever you modify any scenario through the ACC.

The scenario registry is located at /atg/registry/data/scenarios in your config path. (It may be located across several config path layers depending on how you package your applications; for example, the scenarios that come with the Quincy Funds demo are located in the Quincy Funds config layer.) By default, however, any scenarios that you create or edit in the ACC are saved as SDL files in the localconfig layer. If you want the ACC to write SDL files to a layer other than localconfig, you must manually edit the defaultForUpdates property in the /CONFIG.properties files in each config layer. Set the property to false in the localconfig layer and to true in the layer where you want the files to be written.

Under normal circumstances, you do not have to edit the .sdl files in any way. However, if you change your process editor server from one ATG server to another, you must copy the entire scenario registry from the old process editor server to the new one. (If you do not perform this step, the new process editor server will not have access to the scenario definition files. Consequently it will be unable to recognize any existing scenarios and will disable any that may be currently running.)

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