The amount of data generated and processed through each non-summarized QueueSink is much greater than the summarized QueueSinks. Therefore, in production environments, the load might preclude sending all of the QueueSink's logging events directly to the database, but the summarized logging events could be sent directly to the database. You can choose to configure each QueueSink individually as needed.

By default, the summarizer components are disabled. You can enable the summarizer components and disable the non-summarized loggers by setting the dataListeners property for the RequestLogging, UserEventLogging and ContentViewedLogging components. For example, the following configuration would only log summarized data:

Component Name

dataListeners Property Value







You can modify the dataListeners property by editing the value of the data event set in the Events tab of the Component Editor. You can enable the summarizers while retaining the non-summarized loggers by adding the values in the table above to the respective dataListeners properties.

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