As an alternative to registering slots as Nucleus components, you can create them on the fly and send them as properties of JMS event messages. In the scenario editor, you include an Add Items to Slot element that is filled by extracting the slot property from the preceding event. Note that you can also remove slot items in this way.

This type of slot is temporary and cannot be persisted across sessions. In addition, this technique for creating slots cannot be used for slots that contain repository items (RepositoryItemSlot); it can be used only for slots that contain Strings, Dates, Longs, or Doubles (class Slot).

The ACC cannot detect the type of content a slot holds if the slot is created as part of a JMS message; for this reason, the person who sets up the slot element within the scenario editor must specify the type of content that the slot is designed to display.

For more information on creating scenarios that include slots created as JMS messages, refer to the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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