Use the following FilterCache properties to configure caching for your collection filters. FilterCache is a global component that applies for all collection filters. If you’d like different cache settings for each collection filter, create other components based on the atg.service.cache.Cache class and configure them appropriately.

When you are setting these properties, keep in mind that each cached item is a collection. The accumulation of many, large cached items can degrade performance.




The component that handles modifications to cached content, when such modifications are necessary.

This property must be set to /atg/collections/filer/FilterCacheAdapter.


The maximum number of entries in the cache.

0 = Cache nothing.

-1 = Unlimited (Default)


The maximum time, in milliseconds, that an entry can exist in the cache.

0 = Cache nothing.

-1 = Cached entries never expire (Default)

Note: To empty the cache immediately, invoke the flush() method by locating FilterCache in the Admin UI and clicking the flush link in the Methods section. You can also invoke this method directly through the API.

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