The /atg/userprofiling/PropertyManager component keeps track of the property names of “well known” profile properties, such as login, password, and email. If any of these properties now reside in LDAP, you should update their names to reflect this change. For example, if the password property is stored in LDAP, its property path becomes ldapUser.password, rather than password. Thus, you should configure the passwordPropertyName property of the PropertyManager component as follows:


See the atg.userprofiling.PropertyManager class in the ATG API Reference for a complete list of PropertyManager property names that must be updated if the corresponding properties are stored in LDAP rather than SQL.

If a property is stored in both LDAP and SQL, such as the login property in our example, you do not need to modify the corresponding PropertyManager property. The PropertyManager simply uses the SQL property name.

In addition, if users are being authenticated through the LDAP repository, you must modify the PropertyManager from its standard configuration to match the LDAP password encryption scheme. See the Configuring Personalization Server to Use the LDAP Repository section of the Setting Up an LDAP Profile Repository chapter for more information.

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