This event is triggered whenever a visitor performs an action on the site (for example, displays a given page) that causes an active slot to request content items. See Using Slots for more information (especially note the differences between active and passive slots).

Class name


JMS name


Display name

Items requested

Message context


Message scope


Message source

Component: /atg/scenario/DSSMessageSource

Class: atg.scenario.dms.DSSMessageSource

Component that calls the message source

None. The slot component calls the message source directly.

How this event is triggered

The slot component itself generates the message when it is called upon to provide content. It does so only if the slot is an active slot and has no more items to show.

How to turn this event off

Make the slot component passive instead of active by setting the generation property in the component to passive.

The message that triggers this event contains the following properties:



Scenario editor label



by slot <slot_name>

The names of the slot that requests content items.

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