Use the Ordering setting to change the order in which items appear in the slot. Note that this setting works closely with the At Priority option that you set within the slot element in the scenario.



Show Items in Order They Were Added

(int value 0)

The Scenarios module uses the At Priority option from the slot element to define the order.

This is the default setting. It corresponds to sequential in the .properties file.

Show Items in Randomly Shuffled Order

(int value 1)

The Scenarios module shuffles the items in the slot and displays them in a random order. It shuffles together only items of the same priority, preserving the priority among groupings.

Items are shuffled only once during each instance of the slot’s scope. However, if another scenario adds items to the slot during an instance of its display, all the items are shuffled again.

This setting corresponds to random in the .properties file.

This option corresponds to ordering (property of type int) in the slot component .properties file.

For more information on other settings that affect the order of display within a slot, refer to Using Slot Components in the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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