In addition to workflow servlet beans, the configuration for each new workflow type will typically include a request-scoped component of class atg.workflow.servlet.WorkflowTaskFormHandler. This form handler is used to perform workflow task operations such as setting a task’s owner and firing outcomes.

The WorkflowTaskFormHandler class has four properties that together uniquely identify the task being operated on by the form handler: processName, segmentName, subjectId, and taskElementId. It also has the following read-only properties that can be accessed once the task’s identifying information has been specified:

The form handler’s submit methods operate on the task on behalf of the WorkflowView associated with the form. The following submit methods are supported:

The following properties of the WorkflowTaskFormHandler will typically be set in the properties file for this component:

The following properties will typically be set in the JSP page:

The WorkflowTaskFormHandler also has a set of properties that are used to control navigation after a form operation has been completed. These properties specify the URLs to redirect to on certain error and success conditions. If the value for a particular condition is not set, the form is left on the page defined as the action for that form (in other words, no redirect takes place). Each operation has its own successURL and errorURL properties. Thus the following properties are available:

These properties can be specified in the properties file of the form handler or via hidden tags in the JSP page.

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