The following procedure shows how to set access rights to scenario folders.

  1. Start the ACC and select Scenarios > Scenarios.

  2. Select the scenario folder for which you want to define access.

  3. Select File > Set Access Rights On Folder. The Set Access Rights dialog box appears.

    The checkboxes show the different levels of access rights you can grant or remove:

    The list on the left shows the people for whom you can define access rights. The list can include individual users, organizations, roles, or profile groups. To add new items to this list, click Add, and select the items that represent the people for whom you want to define access. Remember that a member of an organization or a role inherits its access rights.

  4. Use the checkboxes to grant or deny appropriate access rights for each user, organization, role, or profile group in the list on the left.

Important: Bear in mind a user’s access rights for content repositories as well as his or her access rights for scenario folders. For example, you might give a user write access to a specific scenario folder, but does he or she also need access to one or more content repositories? To create slot elements, for example, a user may need read access to a repository that stores image files. Make sure that users have access to all required content, and in particular, check that their access rights for different repositories do not conflict.

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