As mentioned earlier in the description of the ProfileForm'shandleLogin method, the Personalization module uses the IdentityManager interface (specifically, the /atg/dynamo/security/IdentityManager component) to handle user login verification and management tasks. The following methods in the ProfileForm and ProfileformHandler classes call the IdentityManager:

  • ProfileForm.findUser()

  • ProfileFormHandler.preLoginUser()

  • ProfileFormHandler.postLoginUser()

  • ProfileFormHandler.preLogoutUser()

The IdentityManager component itself calls the /atg/userprofiling/ProfileUserAuthority component to perform the actual process of verifying logins. The ProfileUserAuthority is a Personalization module implementation of the LoginUserAuthority interface.

For more information on the IdentityManager interface, refer to the ATG API Reference.

Note: The UserLoginManager was used in previous versions of the Personalization module to manage the process of login verification. The UserLoginManager functionality was superseded in ATG 6.1 by the IdentityManager, and the UserLoginManager now points to the /atg/dynamo/security/IdentityManager component through an identityManagerPath property. For information on updating any existing UserLoginManager references to use the new model, refer to the ATG Migration Guide for your version of the product.

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