To help you monitor scenarios and debug them if necessary, enable the loggingDebug property in the /atg/scenario/ScenarioManager component (set to false by default). If you set it to true, the system logs information such as the events each scenario is capturing, the condition elements that are being satisfied, and the action elements that are triggered. The information is stored in the debug.log file and it also appears in the ATG console window.

Note that you might not want to keep this setting enabled for long periods of time, especially for live sites, because tracking information on each scenario can affect performance.

The ScenarioManager component contains additional properties you can use for different levels of scenario debugging as described below:

For more information on configuring the ScenarioManager component, see Configuring Scenarios.

As an alternative to editing the ScenarioManager component directly, you can enable many of these debugging properties through the Configure Server Debugging dialog box in the ACC. To access this dialog box, display the Scenarios > Scenarios window, and then select Tools > Configure Server Debugging. This dialog box contains the following options:

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