The schedule property of the Batch Reporting Service determines when and how often it queries the system for reporting information. The default setting of this property is:

schedule=calendar * . * 4 0

This calendar frequency is every morning at 4:00 am. Calendar takes frequency in the following order:

month  day  weekday  hour  (military)  minute

In the above example: the first asterisk (*) means every month. The period (.) means no day specified. The second asterisk (*) means all weekdays. The 4 means 4:00. The 0 is for no minutes.

Note: When you set the Batch Reporting Service to run periodically, keep in mind that it puts a load on the system. You should consider running it at off-peak hours (like the middle of the night). Also, you should not run the Batch Reporting Service on a server that manages your public Web site.

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