You also use the DMS configuration files to configure the Scenario Manager to receive your custom messages.

The Scenario Manager acts as a message sink for messages that can occur in scenarios. It has two different input ports to which your messages can be sent: GlobalEvents and IndividualEvents. Our Link example is an individual event. The following, taken from the dynamoMessagingSystem.xml file, shows how to configure the Scenario Manager to receive events from our destination topic, localdms:/local/test/Link:


If you are creating a global event that you want the Scenario Manager to listen for, you would add the same code to the dynamoMessagingSystemDSSGlobal.xml file instead, replacing IndividualEvents with GlobalEvents in the <port-name> tag. You would also specify Queue rather than Topic here as the destination type.

Note: For information on how to determine whether your event is global or individual, see Adding Your Message to the Scenario Event Registry.

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