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1 Overview to Electronic Commerce System

2 EDI Document Transmission

3 Send Outbound Documents

4 Recieve Inbound Documents

5 EDI Interface Setup

6 Set Up Customer Billing Instructions

7 Set Up Item Cross-References

8 Purge and Archive Data

9 Review and Add Transaction Set Codes

10 Review Transaction Set Purpose Codes

11 Define EDI Tolerance Rules

12 Define EDI Processing Control

13 Define Document Processing Control

14 Define Supplier Procurement Instructions

15 Set Up Trading Partner Master

16 Set Up EDI Error Notification

17 EDI Document Inquiry and Revision

18 Determine Document Status

19 Revise EDI Documents

20 EDI Processing Options

A Sales Order Transactions

B Purchase Order Transactions

C Product Information Transactions

D Inventory Transactions

E Scheduling & Planning Transactions

F Financial Transactions