Core Commerce is a comprehensive product that provides the tools you need to create a commerce Web site that is customized to meet the particular needs of your business. The following is a key to finding information:



Refer To

Creating a catalog and populating it with categories, products, and SKUs; configuring the fulfillment and inventory tools provided by Core Commerce out-the-box

Business Users

Catalog Administration and Inventory and Fulfillment Administration chapters of this guide.

Working with the out-of the-box promotion, price list, scenarios, abandoned order, and cost center tools

Business Users

This guide.

Developing a catalog and its categories, products, and SKUs in a publishing environment that uses projects to manage the tasks you perform and maintains versions of the commerce assets you edit

Business Users

Merchandising Guide for Business Users

Building JSPs that use commerce servlet beans

Page Developers

Covered in several chapters in this guide.

Extending the Oracle Commerce Platform programmatically by creating subclasses and modifying repositories


Core Commerce Programming Guide

Assembling an application that includes Core Commerce and reference application modules

Site Administrators

Platform Programming Guide

Installing Core Commerce databases in a production environment

Site Administrators

Core Commerce Programming Guide unless users also have Merchandising, in which case they should see the Merchandising Administration Guide instead.

Installing database tables in support of Merchandising

Site Administrators

Merchandising Administration Guide

Database tables, session backup, JMS messages, and recorders

Site Administrators

Core Commerce Programming Guide

Working with the Motorprise Reference Application


Business Commerce Reference Application Guide

Working with the Sample Catalog

Page Developers, Programmers

See the Reference Applications section in this chapter.

Viewing Core Commerce reports

Business Users

See the Reports Guide.

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