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The GeoLocatorDroplet allows you to identify store locations within a certain distance of a point identified by a customer. The point can be identified using any of the following:

You can use this droplet to help customers identify a location for in-store pickup of online purchases, or to locate the nearest physical retail store.

The CoordinateManager determines what items are searched for and performs the actual search. The geoLocatorService can be configured to look up a location based on postal code, city and state/province, or an arbitrary address. If no geoLocatorService is configured, the droplet supports searching only by latitude and longitude.

Note: The coordinates provided are for local areas, and are estimates only.

If multiple location methods are in use, the order of priority is as follows:

Input Parameters

coordinateItem (optional)
A Coordinate repository item that provides the location from which to search. The Coordinate type must have the same property name structure as the coordinate manager being used by this droplet.

address (optional)
A free-form address.

postalCode (optional)
A postal code to used as the central location to search from.

city (optional)
The city to search.

state (optional)
The state or province to search. Used only when city is also provided.

latitude (optional)
The latitude of the central location to search from. If provided, longitude must also be provided.

longitude (optional)
The longitude of the central location to search from. If provided, latitude must also be provided.

distance (optional)
The radius in meters to search. All items within this distance from the central location are returned. If not provided, the distance configured for this component will be used.

itemType (optional)
The item type to search for. Valid types must be defined in the Location repository. You can use this parameter to search for different location types, such as store vs. a generic location.

siteIds (optional)
Locations can be affiliated with sites. If this is the case, you can use this parameter to filter locations by site. If both siteIds and siteScope parameters are used, siteIds overrides siteScope.

siteScope (optional)
Identifies a site scope to search within. This can either be all, current, or a shareable id. If not passed then the default site scope will be used.

country (optional)
The country to use as part of the locale.

language (optional)
The language to use as part of the locale.

elementName (optional)
The name of the results element.

Open Parameters

This parameter is rendered when items within range of the central location are found.

This parameter is rendered when no items are found near the central location.

This parameter is rendered when there is an error executing this droplet.

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