The CartModifierFormHandler.deleteItems method deletes items that have their CommerceItemIds in the RemovalCommerceIds array. The quantity of the line item that contains the removal request is compared with the total quantity of the commerce item on the page. If the quantities match, the CommerceItemIds is kept in the RemovalCatalogRefIds array to be removed from the page. If the quantities do not match, the system adjusts the quantity accordingly and removes the CommerceItemId from the RemovalCommerceIds array.

Before the deleteItems method removes all items with IDs in the removalCommerceIds array, it runs the prepareLineItemsForRemoval method to return the valid array of IDs to remove, as well as verify if the IDs require partial or complete removal. The prepareLineItemsForRemoval method populates the removalLineItem map that contains a set of IDs and reduction-quantity. The reduction-quantity is subtracted from the original quantity to provide the new quantity available in the shopping cart. Once the deleteItems method removes the necessary elements, it processes the removalLineItems map to adjust the quantities of items that were partially removed.

For detailed information on how the CartMofidiferFormHandler works, refer to the Core Commerce Programming Guide.

Removing Commerce Items Split Across Multiple Lines

When configuring a JSP page that removes a commerce item, it is important to note if the commerce item is displayed across multiple lines in the UI, as in a group discount promotion. If you are using a droplet that allows items to be split across lines, such as the UnitPriceDetailsDroplet, you should populate the removalCommerceIds array with the commerceIds, followed by an input delimiter, and then followed by the line item quantity. The CartModifierFormHandler uses the inputDelimiter property to indicate that items are displayed across multiple lines. For example:

<dsp:input iclass="atg_store_textButton atg_store_actionDelete" type="submit" name="remove_ci_${nameSuffix}${inputDelimiter}${currentItemQuantity}"
bean="CartModifierFormHandler.removeItemFromOrder" value="${deleteButtonTitle}"

The default value for the inputDelimiter property is #; however, you can modify the variable’s value in the file.

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