In Core Commerce, a shopping cart is an Order in an INCOMPLETE state. The shopping cart stores the information about the items a given customer wants to order and their associated quantities and prices. In addition, it stores the shipping and payment information for the order.

This chapter provides page developers with information on how to manage shopping carts on a commerce site. It includes the following sections:

Understanding the ShoppingCart Component
Provides information on the ShoppingCart component, which stores a customer’s current and saved shopping carts.

Managing Shopping Carts
Provides information on retrieving, creating, modifying, and saving shopping carts.

Many of the code examples provided in this chapter are taken from the JSPs in the commerce sample catalog. For more information on the sample catalog and how to run it, see About the Sample Catalog section.

For additional examples of how to manage shopping carts, you can refer to the Motorprise store reference application; see the Business Commerce Reference Application Guide.

If you are using Oracle Commerce Platform’s multisite feature, note that the shopping cart tracks the site on which it was created (when the customer adds the first item), on which each item was added, and on which the most recent activity occurred. Cart configuration for multisite is done through Site Administration; see the Multisite Administration Guide for information.

Note: Because a shopping cart is, by definition, an Order in an INCOMPLETE state, the terms “shopping cart” and “order” are used interchangeably in this chapter.

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