To set up the Order Status gear:

  1. During application assembly, specify the module that contains order data. Also specify the CommerceGears.orderstatus module (which requires ATG Portal). For example, the following modules represent the Order Status gear and Motorprise:

    CommerceGears.orderstatus MotorpriseJSP

    For a list of module names and assembly instructions, see the Platform Programming Guide.

  2. Deploy your application as instructed by your application server documentation.

  3. Register the Order Status gear with the Portal Administration Framework (PAF) by uploading its gear manifest file to the PAF. The gear manifest is located at <ATG11dir>\CommerceGears\orderstatus\orderstatus-manifest.xml.

    For detailed information on how to register a gear, see the Portal Administration chapter in the Portal Administration Guide.

  4. Create a community whose members will use the gear and add the gear to one of the community’s pages.

    For detailed information on how to create a community and add a gear to one of its pages, see the Community Administration chapter in the Portal Administration Guide.

  5. Point your browser to the URL for the community page that contains the Order Status gear (for example,

    Before the Order Status gear is displayed, you must log in to the page. For information on the default port, see the Platform Installation and Configuration Guide.

  6. Log in to the page as the following user to explore the gear:

    • Stuart Lee, a Motorprise buyer. Stuart’s username and password are stuart:stuart.

    If you are running the Order Status gear with your own commerce application, you’ll need to log in as an appropriate user.

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