The GWPFormHandler provides page coders with a means to allow customers to select gift items in their shopping carts. The form handler can be found at /atg/commerce/promotion/GWPFormHandler, and is based on the atg.commerce.promotion.GWPFormHandler class.

The form handler gives access to the following methods in the GWPManager class:

See the Core Commerce Programming Guide for information the GWPManager.

You can extend the form handler to provide additional functionality as needed.

The form handler includes the following configurable properties:

  • currentSelectedItemId—Specify an item ID here to replace an existing gift selection.

  • promotionId—The Gift with Purchase promotion for which to make the selection.

  • giftHashCode—The gift item within the promotion for which to make the selection.

  • productId—Product ID for the new selection.

  • skuId—SKU ID for the new selection.

  • quantity—Amount of the new selection.

  • order—If not configured then the current shopping cart order is used. Default configuration is to use the current order.

  • shippingGroup—Shipping group to add the new selection to. If not specified, then the first shipping group in the order will be used.

  • commerceItemType—Commerce item type of the new selection.

  • siteId—Site the new selection is in.

  • makeGiftSelectionSuccessURL—URL to redirect to if the selection was successful.

  • makeGiftSelectionErrorURL—URL to redirect to if the selection was not successful.

The form handler also includes two flags that control whether a new gift selection should first replace a removed or failed quantity before replacing a selected item:

  • replaceRemovedQuantity

  • replaceFailedQuantity

Both flags are false by default.

See the ATG Platform API Reference for additional information.

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