An individual promotion can have any number of promotion upsells. Consider a “free shipping for orders over $2500” promotion. One promotion upsell may display when an order equals $2400 and customers have a bike of brand X in their cart. This upsell message might say “Spend another $100 to qualify for free shipping. Check out our brand X windbreakers” assuming that brand X windbreakers all cost $100 or more. Another promotion upsell for the same promotion might be targeted to customers with orders worth $2000. This promotion upsell may say “The shipping cost for the products in your shopping cart is $197.75. Spend another $500 and shipping is free!”

When you create a promotion upsell, you describe the circumstances under which it applies by creating a rule. Creating this rule is similar to creating a promotion discount rule. You can also specify a media item, such as a graphic that entices customers to purchase a product in order to receive a promotion. Such products are designated in the Upsell Action, which is associated to the promotion upsell. Each promotion upsell also has a priority.

Because a customer could qualify for more than one promotion upsell for a given promotion, each promotion upsell is given a priority setting. For a given promotion, the Oracle Commerce Platform evaluates the highest priority promotion upsell to see if it is appropriate for the customer and progresses through the list of promotion upsells until it finds one that is. When one is found, the promotion upsell is assigned to the customer.

In general, customers can receive one promotion upsell per promotion at a given time. Since a promotion is likely to have multiple promotion upsells, assigning priorities ensures that customers who qualify for two promotion upsells obtain the correct one. For example, if you have two promotion upsells, you would prioritize them as orders that are at least $100 (priority 1), and orders that are at least $50 (priority 2). That way, a customer with an order of $100, who qualifies for both promotion upsells, will only be provided with the one closest to his or her total.

At times, you may want a customer to be eligible for more than one promotion upsell for a promotion. As demonstrated above, some promotion upsells may be based on certain products in a customer’s shopping cart. You may have two promotion upsells, each of which aims to upsell a specific brand when a product of that brand is in the customer’s shopping cart.

You can give multiple promotion upsells in a given promotion the same priority number so that a customer is able to receive both of them. When the Oracle Commerce Platform finds one promotion upsell that is fitting for a customer, it first evaluates all other promotion upsells with the same priority before ending the operation. A customer is granted all promotion upsells with the same priority that apply to him or her. Other promotion upsells on that promotion with lower priority are skipped.

For information on working with promotion upsells, refer to the Merchandising Guide for Business Users.

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