As a page coder, you can use the UnitPriceDetailDroplet and the CartModifierFormHandler to configure shopping cart pages to display the group discount items.

When the shopping cart page is displayed, the JSP pages invoke the UnitPriceDetailDroplet. This droplet requests pricing for the order from the PricingTool. The PricingTool generates UnitPriceBean objects that provide a group index and a reference to a pricing model for the group, allowing you to group information in the cart by item and/or group. The PricingTool then returns the Unit Price information to the UnitPriceDetailDroplet and makes that information available to the JSP page. The UnitPriceDetailDroplet uses the requestedBeans and Order parameters to set group discount information.

For detailed information on the UnitPriceDetailedDroplet, refer to the UnitPriceDetailDroplet section and the ATG Platform API Reference.

The CartModifierFormHandler allows you to modify commerce items based on their catalogIds or commerceItemIds. Group discounts can be displayed across multiple lines as a commerce item may be split across multiple line items.

Adding items to the shopping cart using the CartModifierFormHandler is described in the Adding Items to Shopping Carts. Refer to the Removing Items from the Shopping Cart section for information on configuring JSP pages to work with the Group Discount Promotion. For detailed information on the CartModifierFormHandler, refer to the Core Commerce Programming Guide.

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